“Sorted” Episode 1 Tries to Find the Performance Community’s Best, Most Put-Together Car

In order to get to the bottom of one of the oldest questions in motoring, Emelia ...

In order to get to the bottom of one of the oldest questions in motoring, Emelia Hartford, Matt Farah, Rob Ferretti, and Tanner Foust have kicked off their own YouTube series by the name of “Sorted.”

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In this series, our hosts are embarking on a journey to figure out what makes up the perfect car. To say that a car is “Sorted” basically says that it has its act together. Many times, as performance enthusiasts, we are all too familiar with the concept of modifying our vehicles, only to find that they now lack in one area or another. Perhaps, this modification takes away from the reliability of the vehicle. On the other hand, maybe it makes it a pain to drive in the street on a regular basis.

The idea on the show is to take a whole collection of incredibly powerful cars averaging about 1000 hp each, to see which one offers up the best of all worlds. These machines have to pretty much work in every facet of the word when as relates to automobiles. Ideally, the winner of this contest of sorts will be able to be a car that can have its keys handed over to a new driver who will then be able to get behind the wheel and really go have some fun without being given much instruction.

In order to do this, the machines will be put through a variety of different tests from streetability, which considers how daily drivable something is. This will determine if the car is comfortable and reliable. However, the machines will also be put through the wringer, going through 60-150 mph runs and the fastest lap time contests.

It seems as if, at the end of the day, the crew really believes that there is a car that truly offers the best of all imaginable worlds. It might be a little bit more difficult to find than we might think, though. To see how the ball gets rolling, be sure to tune in with the first episode of Sorted below!

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