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Sources Say GM is Going to Make The C8 Corvette Impossible to Tune, But Why?

We’re hoping this is all just one big sick joke or misunderstanding. The latest news on the burner seems to allude to the idea that the next generation of Corvette is going to have software that’s impossible to crack. To us, that sounds like an open challenge to those well versed with a computer. However, the early indication is that perhaps General Motors doesn’t want us tinkering with their baby. This means that modification will be next to impossible.

Corvette Forum has informed us that, “According to the initial report, the C8 Chevrolet Corvette will employ an intricate encryption system that is intended to keep anyone from tinkering with the engine parameters.”

To be fair, this isn’t exactly anything new. For those who have been keeping a close eye on the Corvette world, it usually takes months for tuning software to be ready for market. This is evident by the lack of aftermarket support for the C7 ZR1 for the year following its launch.

Now that a company like HP Tuners has cracked the code, though, we are really seeing the potential of what these cars have to offer. Given that it had taken so long, though, that might be a natural indication that Chevrolet doesn’t really want us in the computer at all.

Why would they do this, though? It doesn’t seem like that area of the equation has been addressed just yet. Logic would entail that Chevrolet wouldn’t want the aftermarket touching their vehicle because of a couple of reasons.

First, inexperienced tuners blowing up their cars doesn’t bid well for their reputation. After all, if a Corvette blows up, Chevrolet could be blamed even though it isn’t their fault. For those who have tried to get a vehicle tuned before, they probably know of the horrors of trying to find a good tuner. This might also speak to the volume of warranty work that’s done. Less modification means less investment from General Motors after they sell a customer the car. We can’t necessarily blame them for that.

However, on the other hand, from a highly biased perspective, it seems like this is a terrible idea. Completely annihilating the performance culture surrounding the Corvette doesn’t seem like a way to promote sales. After all, from a pure marketing standpoint, the community behind the vehicle can be one of the strongest selling points. This is why the Mustang has had such a passionate fanbase since forever. Slapping performance enthusiasts on the wrist and making life harder for them isn’t exactly promoting a strong community. Maybe this is all part of a bigger plan to sell us on their own parts. After all, GM has been rumored to be developing drop-in parts for the current ZR1.

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