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South Georgia Motorsports Park Hit by Tornado! Lights Out 8 Race Will Still Go On

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South Georgia Motorsports Park in Adel, GA sustained some significant damage during a series of storms that produced several devastating tornadoes around the area, including one that hit the delivered a direct impact to the facility. SGMP hosts numerous events throughout the racing season, most notably the tandem of Duck X Production events each spring and fall, Lights Out and No Mercy.

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The track’s management team and promoter Donald “Duck” Long have declared that this years Lights Out 8, scheduled for the weekend of February 16th – 19th, will still be held as scheduled despite the damage to the suites atop the spectator side grandstands and some of the light poles alongside the track. Long, along with track owner Ozzy Moya and operations manager Wade Rich and the SGMP staff will be on-site tomorrow to survey the damage and begin the cleanup efforts, which will be followed immediately by repairs to the heavily-damaged row of suites. It’s unclear if the suites can be repaired in time for the event, but that will not prevent the race itself from kicking off on time.

The racing community is incredibly resilient and will pull together to help in every way possible. Speed Society will find out about any fundraising efforts and help ensure donations reach their intended destination. Please keep the community around the track in your thoughts and prayers as well, as there have been at least sixteen confirmed fatalities due to this storm outbreak and damage is widespread and profound.