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Space X Rocket Causes Chaos On Roadways… Car Crash Caught On Dash Cam

If you’ve been keeping tabs on the news recently, you might just have noticed that Space X has absolutely been blowing up everybody’s newsfeed with images and videos of the rocket launching through the sky and causing all kinds of a ruckus! Those who don’t really know what the object was seemed to be incredibly bewildered and you can’t really blame them because it almost looks like some sort of UFO and others who did know were absolutely in awe, admiring the flight pattern as it omitted quite the halo of white light around it. No matter if you were in the knwo or not, I was definitely something that was beautiful to watch flowing through the night sky.

Now, as you know, keeping your eye on something is sometimes a task that has to be done on its own. There are certain things you can multitask but most of the time, driving isn’t really one of those things that you should take a shot at multitasking with. In fact, if you do multitask while driving it could be incredibly dangerous and while it might be difficult to keep your eyes off of the massive light in the night sky, maybe it would be a better idea to pull over and look at it so that you don’t end up in a situation like this that was all captured on a shocking moment of dash cam footage!

If you follow along down the video below, you’ll get a clear view of the rocket ship launching into the sky and creating quite the beautiful presence of light. However, shortly after you’re able to see that happening, right next to the car in question, you watch another driver who apparently had his eyes fixed on the same thing and plowed straight into the back of another car in traffic. It really makes you wonder how many instances of this happened all at the same time when these events were going down.