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Spectator Drag Finals Ends in Hilarious FIGHT!

If you thought that taking your car out on a regular drag strip during a test and tune was a risk, then going head to head with a competitor in a circle might seem like a complete no-no.

This time, however, we check out a pair of guys who didn’t seem to be too afraid of the idea as they would set out to do battle in a small circle track with their street cars.

From the get, the Dodge Ram pictured in the video hopped out to a little bit of a lead from the start, but a little nudge from the Dodge Neon would throw the Ram driver off of his game and add some fuel to the fire.

After the bump, it didn’t seem like the truck’s driver cared about who won the race at all, but rather he was out to get revenge for what he saw as a cheap shot.

After the race came to a close, the Ram driver attempted to put some of his MMA moves on his competitor, but ended up just making a fool of himself.

We get that etiquette probably dictates that this be contact-free racing, but let’s be for real here. If you don’t want your ride banged up, why are you competing here in the first place?


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