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Spectator Drags Between a Trans Am and a Camaro Ends in Funny Fight!

When you sign up to participate in a race with your own ride, you take a big risk by competing with another driver. Even if what you’re doing behind the wheel is perfect, there’s a good chance that the person who you’re up against won’t have skills that are up to par or will get aggravated and do some damage on purpose.

When you throw turns into the mix and take the action off of the drag strip, you run an even higher risk of doing damage and that’s why you see a lot of mayhem go down at events like these spectator drags that take cars off of the street and put them on a circle track to let the best man win!

In this one, we check out the action as a Pontiac Trans Am driver goes head to head with the driver of a Chevrolet Camaro and after some excessive burnouts, the pair heads to the starting line to get going and it isn’t long before the two collide as the Camaro owner plows into the side of the Pontiac.

Afterward, it doesn’t look like the Pontiac driver is too happy with the driving of the Camaro owner, in fact, it looks like he might think that the driver initiated contact on purpose! What happens next is a rather comical throwdown as the pair of drivers locks up in a fight in which neither of them wins!