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Spectator Drags Gone Wrong… Eagle Talon Gets Destroyed!

As soon as you make your way into any sort of motorsports park, they make you sign a waiver so that the business isn’t liable for anything that might happen once you hit the track. After all, you couldn’t expect race tracks to be held accountable for accidents that happen on the track. That would simply be absurd!

In this one, we take a look at what could happen at tracks around the country that really shows why they have drivers sign off on these waivers. Just when you thought that racing your own personal vehicle on a drag strip where you are completely liable was a big risk, the spectator drags take it to a whole new level.

This time, an Eagle Talon goes head-to-head with a Subaru WRX in a circle track battle that puts these machines to the test to see which one is faster and has better steering ability. At the end of the day, it looks like the Subaru was able to outperform the Talon because, thanks to some understeer, the Talon ended up heading straight for the wall and doing a pretty good amount of damage.

The whole thing was captured on camera and can be seen down in the video below. Thankfully, nobody was hurt here and the incident didn’t escalate to involve both cars! I would venture to think that at some of these circle track spectator drags, things can tend to get pretty ugly when drivers really screw up.