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Speed Society: Beyond The Build Season 1, Episode 7

With the most impressive cars that you see built, whether you find them at a show or the race track, there are tons of hard and long hours invested into getting them to where they are, in most cases. When you see the finished product shining, what you don’t see are the long hours of long nights and early mornings that go into making these become what they are. However, at the end of every build process, if you can find the end, that is, there is one moment where everything is worth it when you punch the accelerator, feeling the power behind what all of that effort has amounted to.

When you take a look at the Chevrolet Corvette that we’re currently giving away, it might seem like a car that’s pretty stout from the factory, so why not just polish it up a little bit and send it away to one lucky winner? Well, with the mindset that we have here at Speed Society, we like to spice things up a little bit and really go pedal to the medal, so over the past couple of weeks, you have been able to watch our ideal version of this generation of Corvette come together. Now, we get to our favorite part which is finally being able to test out the car to see exactly how it’s going to do in the arena for which it was designed.

If you follow along with the video below, you’ll be able to see the final installment of the first season of the Beyond the Build series. In this one, world champion race car driver, Justin Bell, hops behind the wheel to give this thing a proper break-in as he pilots the machine around the racetrack at Willow Springs, showing off exactly why we decided to spice this one up a little bit with the help from the folks over at Vengeance Racing.

We get pumped up about most of the cars that we’re able to give away but yet again, this is one that really throws a tingle through the spine as you really know that you’re seeing something special.