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We took Daddy Dave From Street Outlaws DDR Mustang and Raptor to the Desert! On-Road VS Off-Road,

Here at Speed Society, we have been graced with the opportunity to give away some pretty amazing automobiles. With each and every giveaway, we try and keep it as unique as possible along with bringing the people what they want. With this in mind, we have had some pretty crazy giveaways. They’ve ranged in everything from an extreme Vengeance Racing built 1000 hp Camaro all the way to the likes of a completely custom old school Chevrolet C10.

This time, we dive even deeper into the performance world to check out a couple of icons that we think you’re going to love. In the latest giveaway, we take on the “off-road versus on-road” discussion. In one corner, we have an insane Daddy Dave creation in a DDR Built Ford Mustang. This ProCharged beast has lots of goodies and at the end of the day, it’s delivering 700rwhp to the pavement of your choosing.

In the other corner, the off-road portion of this giveaway is taking form in a 500hp SVT Raptor. There aren’t too many other ways to have more fun with an off-road application, especially with a little bit of suspension modification like you’ll see here.

Now, we don’t like to brag but our jobs can be pretty awesome. Not only do we get to give away incredible vehicles like this but we also get to film the promotional materials for them. Yes, taking a pair of beasts like this into the desert and getting just the right shot is about as fun as it sounds.

In this pair of videos, we show not only the finished product that’s nice and polished. In addition, we give you the opportunity to ride along with the Speed Society crew as we showcase our day in the desert. It’s kind of a bittersweet moment to know that we’re going to give these rides away. Having the opportunity to be behind the wheel was certainly a blast. However, we’re equally excited to see the look on the face of whoever gets to go home with one of these two monsters.

The winner of this one will have their choice of the Raptor, the Mustang, or $50,000 in cold, hard cash.

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