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Speeding BMW Driver Crashes On Highway… Didn’t Use His Blinker Once!

It’s become a bit of a running joke that guys who drive luxury brand rides, especially BMW, seemingly never use their turn signals, so much so that people often joke about whether or not BMW even installs them in their cars anymore. Watching this in-car footage of a guy weaving through traffic in his Bimmer, swapping lanes non-stop without once hitting his blinker stalk proves the point pretty well.

The driver doesn’t really seem to be in a rush so much as he just enjoys driving fast like many of us do, and he has a pretty good handle on the car, at least in the early going. He makes a few nice passes on the other cars around him and keeps things under control, until he doesn’t. As his speed climbs, the driver gets a little input-happy on the wheel and starts to drift. He corrects, but it seems to be too little too late and the car slams into the guardrail, ricocheting back into his lane right behind another car that’s going about half his speed. Luckily he has the presence of mind to swerve to the left and avoid the innocent driver by what looks to be a matter of inches. The car skids to a halt against the left guardrail with our driver seemingly okay, if a bit stunned by the whole scene.

We aren’t saying using his turn signal would have made this any better for our BMW driver, but this is a great illustration of the phenomenon on the non-signaling Bimmer driver. We don’t expect to really change the trend, but we’re certainly going to call them out on it. Guys, and probably gals too, regardless of what you drive, use your turn signal. Not only is it just a good habit to alert those around you to your intentions, it will keep you from being the butt of a running joke that sweeps the internet.

BMW Fail Crash

Posted by ProStreet Race on Monday, October 2, 2017


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