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Squarebody Chevy Has Some Hidden Tricks

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on November 25, 2020

The term “sleeper” has been thrown around quite a bit in the racing community. For those who aren’t in the know, essentially, what this term is supposed to describe is a vehicle that doesn’t look fast. However, when the driver pounds open the throttle, it ends up being quite the shocker.

The concept is rather appealing when we think about it. That shock factor ends up throwing us through quite the loop and making us wonder exactly what it is that’s powering such a machine. There’s just something about the average looking vehicle being incredibly fast that makes our hair stand on edge. It kind of puts us in the zone as to never doubt that anything could go fast on any given pass.

This time, we follow a machine that would certainly fall in that category. On the surface, we’re looking at none other than an old school Chevy truck. The C10 is a body style that has become quite sought after recently. However, most of the time, these things aren’t too fast, no matter how good they look. In this one, though, we find a C10 that breaks the mold. Thanks to a little bit of go-fast engineering, the truck is absolutely flying. It even has a little secret hidden inside of the toolbox.

Outside of the drag radials out back, the truck really doesn’t look suspicious at all. When the truck does hit the drag strip, though, it ends up cruising all the way down the track to hurt some feelings. It might just be an old school pickup but it really packs a heavy punch.

The JMalcom2004 video below should fill in the rest of the blanks. Long story short, this unsuspecting ride is rolling! We can’t help but want to go shopping for an old school pickup truck for some reason, now.


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