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Squid On Suzuki GSX-R Owned – Speeders Fight Back

Nobody likes to get a speeding ticket and if you feel like you have gotten one and been wronged in the process, you can always go to court to fight your case.

As it has already done with everything else, reality television has gotten a grasp of this process as well and allowed us to go into the courtroom to watch it all unfold.

For the owner of this Suzuki GSX-R who just got slapped with a ticket, he probably should have just taken his fine and saved the time, but because he didn’t, we are all able to feast our eyes on his futile attempt to get out of it.

When this guy hits the courtroom, it’s really hard to believe how much of an idiot he is as he pleads his case to the judge. Is there really someone who thinks that something like this would work? At least we all get a laugh out of it.