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Start Em Young… 3-Year-Old Wrenches on his Power Wheels Corvette

You know what they say, if you start them young, they will always have an option to invest all of their time and money into something that’s keeping him out of trouble and, if they end up liking the hobby, there’s a good chance that they will have a passion for life which is a truly exciting thing. If that hobby just so happens to be cars or motorsports in any capacity, there’s a good chance that they’ll run out of money and not have any left to spend on getting in trouble!

In this one, we catch up with just about the cutest video that you might see today as this three-year-old heads out to work on his Power Wheels as he does a little bit of routine maintenance to keep that bright red Chevrolet Corvette shiny and clean. This little guy might just steal your heart as he wrenches on the car and learns a good lesson about making sure that you keep up and maintain your things so that they’ll last you a long time.

It all starts off with a little bit of a wrenching session to make sure that everything under the hood is up to par and after he makes sure that all is good, next comes an essential step in the car guy process of shining it up a little bit and afterward, well, you know that he couldn’t resist a little bit of a burnout to enjoy the fruits of his labor.

Follow along with the little man down below that shows us a little snippet of parenting done right. Being around this hobby and having a car can really teach a youngster a lot of responsibility and open up the door for a ton of fun times! Seeing something positive like this is really refreshing to watch.