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State Police Officer Arrested For Choking Out REPO Man

Sometimes, when you take a gander at a certain situation, you are really left to do nothing more than scratch your head and wonder exactly how the circumstances fell in the exact way that they did. This one seems to have all kinds of red flags popping out at you that make it not alright. It really seems like one thing kind of piled on top of another here and it’s really not painting a good picture for this police officer who was already in some hot water, to begin with, and only acted in a way to make that water even hotter, or so it seems from the look of this new report.

From what we were told here, a police officer by the name of Charles Vernier had maybe missed a couple of payments on his vehicle which caused the repo man to come out and do his job of repossessing the car, bringing it back for the bank. It’s probably not a fun situation to be a party to but certainly not the end of the world and something that could really happen to anyone. However, what Vernier did next really complicated the issue even further.

As the officer decided that you didn’t want let the repo man do his job and certainly wasn’t forfeiting his car, he would then throw a headlock on the tow truck driver who probably had no idea what was happening. At the end of the day, we learned that the police officer was charged with aggravated battery along with interfering with police. The fact that he tried to run away after the police came to the scene probably didn’t really help very much either.

To cap it all off, apparently, Vernier was already being investigated to see if he was mentally competent enough to be a police officer in the first place. Unless we’re completely missing something, things really don’t look good for this officer during the situation at hand. You would really hope that it’s all one big misunderstanding but with the information that we’ve been given, that really doesn’t seem to be the case at all.

Updates have told us that the Vernier has since resigned.


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