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Stevie Fast Calls Out Biggest Names in Radial Vs The World!

If, by some small chance, you don’t know Stevie Fast, you’re about to. And this isn’t Steve Jackson, the legendary fan-favorite driver and tuner of all things drag racing. This isn’t Steve Jackson who took flight in spectacular fashion a year and a half ago at No Mercy 7.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is STEVIE FAST: The Undisputed King of Trash Talk!

Years ago, before there was the Shadow, the Orange Pro Nitrous Camaro, or the blown NHRA Pro Mod, Stevie was your typical southern grudge racer. He would show up at Carolina Dragway, aka the House of Hook, in his orange Mustang that would become one of the most feared small tired cars in the country and call out pretty much anybody on the property. And he won.


Throughout these early years in his career, Stevie developed a knack for talking smack, using his quick wit and tilted grin to get in the heads of anybody he wanted to line up with and talk them into a race, or back down cars that should have easily outrun him just by scaring them to death with his confidence. There are literally videos from the House of Hook that don’t show anything but Stevie talking the talk, without ever showing a racecar go down the track.

Fast forward to today, two weeks out from Lights Out 9. Stevie is in full on trash-talk mode and dropped this video on the world just this morning. Stevie has the Shadow 2.0 Camaro tuned up and ready for the biggest small tire race in the world and he wants to line up a few grudge races in qualifying against some of the baddest names in the class. In true Stevie Fast fashion, he doesn’t just call them out though. He tossed a few jabs at them along the way, hopefully prodding them into biting and accepting his challenge.

I’m not going to reveal the names, but trust me when I say you want to hit the play button on this video and see just what may be coming your way during qualifying in two weeks at South Georgia Motorsports Park!

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