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Stevie Fast Crashes The Shadow 2.0 at Lights Out 8!

If you want to talk about a driver who’s no stranger to getting in contact the wall or crashing in other ways like the display where saw him flying through the sky, Stevie “Fast” Jackson is your guy. This man has definitely been tied up in more than his fair share of accidents.

This time, the action comes to us from Lights Out 8 as we get a chance to take good look at Shadow 2 as the car has some strong runs early on, even mustering up enough of a pass to break the drag radial world record but, not too long afterward, Stevie would find his way into the wall.

The accident happened on the big end of the track after Fast had blasted through the finish line, mustering up a 3.83-second eight mile. Afterward, he would be greeted with the warm welcome of a situation in which he had no parachute to get his car stopped. If you want to think of something that will make you pucker up nice and tight, this is the situation that would make a strong case as being the go to.

Check out the video below as Jackson does the absolute best that he can to slow the car with nothing more than the brakes on board which sends it sideways and into the wall. Stopping from that speed without the air brakes is definitely something that’s a lot easier said than done. Luckily, with all factors considered, it looks like the situation didn’t go as poorly as one could’ve hoped for as he was able to get back out there. However, I wouldn’t think that Stevie would be hoping for a lack of the parachute deployment on any pass in the near future.