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Stevie “Fast” Jackson Climbs Busts Open Drag Radial Record With Blistering 3.50-Second Pass

As we watch drag racing get faster and faster, we can’t help but wonder about certain limitations.

At the end of the day, it can’t get any faster than zero seconds and as we move closer to the absence of time, every hundredth of a second gets harder to come by. When shooting for the record books, a couple of factors have to be in play. Drivers are going to not only need to be ready with their wallets to send money at their cars but also with their abilities to make sure that the car in question is dialed-in perfectly. All of this comes in sequence with a talented wheelman, of course.

One of the other limitations that seems to keep surprising a lot of people would be that of drag radial tires. With the composition of these tires, racers and fans continue to speculate about just how far they can be pushed. At the end of the day, no matter what the tire compound in question, there’s only so far that it will be able to go. Figuring out where that boundary is seems to be a lost cause as of now, though. Every season, we see the quickest pass get lower and lower and it has just fallen once again.

At the 18th Shakedown Nationals at Virginia Motorsports Park, we would watch as the record would fall yet again. On top of the race for the record, it should be no surprise that we find the name Stevie “Fast” Jackson. Jackson has really been one of the hottest names in all of drag racing recently and he’s adding yet another positive mark to his report card.

Below, we find that Jackson makes the most of his setup, ripping down the surface in Virginia to a 3.505-second pass at 213 mph. This would be good enough to secure him in the lead for drag radial supremacy, all in Radial vs the World trim.