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Stevie Fast And Marcus Birt Rotate The Earth Will Blistering Side By Side 3.5x Passes In Radial VS The World

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on September 24, 2019

Stevie Fast And Marcus Birt Rotate The Earth Will Blistering Side By Side 3.5x Passes In Radial VS The World

It wasn’t too long ago that the first drag radial racer broke into the 3-second eighth-mile club. Headlines everywhere oozed with excitement. In fact, it was just four years ago that this accomplishment happened.

As recently as three years ago, we saw the first-ever three-second side-by-side pass in the history of drag radial racing. These days, it seems as if the advancements have really taken on a full head of steam.

This past weekend at The Shakedown Nationals at Virginia Motorsports Park, we would see history made yet again. As Stevie Fast and Marcus Brit lined up against one another, the pass would be over before anyone could blink an eye.

Within the 3.5-second range, both of these competitors were able to make their way down the track, side-by-side. This would make the quickest side-by-side past ever in Radial vs the World trim. In this universe, every tenth of a second costs thousands of dollars and tons of hours. With that in mind, it’s not hard to be impressed with this showing. The fact that a pair of cars is able to sit next to each other in the mid-3s is nothing short of amazing.

This kind of action is what drag racing is all about. When turning into the moment, it absolutely provides the perfect platform to give off an incredible adrenaline rush. There’s nothing quite like horsepower like this coarsing through our veins as the cars really hook and book. It can be easy to take a visual like this for granted. However, those who have ever worked on a racing machine know just how difficult it is to not only make that kind of power but also to make it work within the restrictions of such a class and tire combination.

By following along with the video below, we get to be delivered to the scene of the action. When a record like this comes out, it really makes us appreciate just how fast racing on this platform this has come. On the other hand, though, it can also tend to make us wonder what’s coming next. Photo credit – John Fore III


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