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Stick Shift LT1 Camaro Nearly Cracks 7s, Takes Down GM+Ford Record Holders!

The automotive performance community can be a fickle bunch sometimes. When it comes to the next best thing, we will drop old technology like it’s hot! It seems like in the General Motors camp, most performance applications have made the jump to the LS series. After all, with how affordable it is and the aftermarket support that goes along with it, there’s a good reason for that. There aren’t too many old school LT powered cars lingering around the track these days that find themselves competing.

The guys over at Tick Performance decided that they wanted to go against the grain, though. Sure, it probably would’ve been much easier to toss an LS in their shop car, the “Grubb Worm” and make it fast. Instead, they decided to push the LT1 architecture to the absolute limits. The result is a ton of fun to watch as it presents us with a sort of underdog situation.

Street Car Takeover is known for a lot of different things. Perhaps one of our favorites, though, is putting together a spectacular stick shift class. Some of the fastest stick cars in the world come out to each event to throw down with one another.

Just to name a few, we have the fastest GM stick shift car in Jared Cocanougher’s Chevrolet Corvette along with Yandro Ulloa’s Minon Mustang which is currently the fastest stick shift Ford in the world. We also can’t talk about this field without mentioning Jon Rogers’s mid-7-second 2JZ powered Nissan 240sx.

The best part is that there is a heaping helping of cars that are only separated by maybe a tenth or two toward the top of the pack. In stick racing, we never know what’s coming next, either. One simple slip could close that gap in a hurry.

By following along with the video below, we get to see Grubb Worm as it takes a shot at this field. Just about every race here comes down to the wire. It’s hard to not be impressed by this combination featuring a block straight out of 1997! – BigKleib34


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