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Stick shifting like a boss, Custom chopper 1/4 mile runs

When motorcycles hit the race track, it is very rare to see a chopper style bike blasting its way down the quarter-mile in full on race mode.

This time, however, we check out some footage from Urban Hillbilly Action Videos that showcases a unique ride with an even more unique riding position.

The rider describes the position as “a little bit sketchy” as he has to lean over and rip gears with his left hand while holding on for dear life with his right hand, but it seems to work out well for him.

It definitely provides for an interesting ride to say the least as we watch this guy make his way to a couple of mid-11-second passes in the triple digit mph range. Not too bad for something designed to cruise around town on.

Check out the video below that shows this bike and its interesting journey down the strip and tell us what you think of this unique experience.


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