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Stock Subaru Shames Everyone at The Sand Dunes

If you head out for a day at the sand dunes, you might find that a lot of people out there will be running highly modified machines or expensive trucks and, while that kind of stuff definitely does have its place and we can’t help but love a well-built off-road machine, this time, we show off something that you really have to appreciate as a stock Subaru pretty much goes above and beyond to show everybody that stock and cocky might just be the way to go. It really looks like confidence is just about everything in this demonstration.

Sure, on the outside, this wagon might just look like mom’s old Subaru Forester that she would use to get you to soccer practice in, however, when this driver gets behind the wheel, it really becomes so much more than that. Whoever was piloting this thing really put that all-wheel-drive system to use as they throttled down in the car and made their way up the hill in such a way that would have people on the other side of the desert watching and filming, wondering exactly how the machine was thing was able to accomplish such a climb with what would appear to be relative ease.

Follow along in the wild display down below that puts this stock appearing vehicle to the test, seeing just how far the driver is able push the Subaru before it conks out on them… or doesn’t. After seeing this one for yourself, be sure to tell us what you think of the machine that doesn’t look like it’s capable of doing much other than grabbing the groceries and picking up the kids from school but manages to pack such a big punch that had pretty much everybody who laid eyes on it surprised at the car’s abilities.