“Storage Wars” Barry Weiss in ICU After Motorcycle Accident

Update Barry Weiss is being put through the wringer following his nasty motorcycle ...

Update Barry Weiss is being put through the wringer following his nasty motorcycle accident, and he has more obstacles ahead on his road to recovery.

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Sources close to the “Storage Wars” star tell TMZ … he’s had to undergo multiple surgeries since the crash — one on his back and one on his femur. We’re told more procedures will follow.Despite the difficulties, Barry’s in stable condition and alert … and he’s eager to get out of a hospital bed and go home.


In American culture, some strange things happen in regards to the rich and famous. After we see somebody for so long in the role of celebrity, we almost forget that they are human sometimes. It seems like these folks rarely have very much bad happen to them in terms of different real-life issues that we all share. It can seem like most of them live in the bubble of Hollywood. However, once in a while, along comes a story that reminds us that everybody on this planet is a human being. No matter if someone is the most popular reality star or on the top of music charts, they all live a very real life just like you and I.

Unfortunately, the most recent reminder that we got of this came from Storage Wars reality star, Barry Weiss. When riding his motorcycle this week, apparently Barry managed to dump it pretty horrifically. In the instance, he suffered some pretty severe injuries.

“Barry’s friend, Jamie, posted a video from the crash scene taken moments after the accident he dubbed a big disaster. In a separate post showing him in the hospital bed, Jamie says he got lucky with only a broken knee, elbow and wrist. He says Barry’s in a much worse condition with a serious chest and leg trauma.” TMZ.com

On the show, Barry is one who likes to antagonize. Overall, it looks like he really is having a good time with life. That would fall right in line with the story of him being out about on a motorcycle living it up. All that we can say is that we’re hoping for the best for this exuberant personality. It’s always a downer to see somebody going through tough times, especially when they have worked so hard to put together success.

We will try to update this as soon as we near the extent of the injuries.

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