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Straight Out Of The Box – 2000hp Cummins Diesel

Straight Out Of The Box – 2000hp Cummins Diesel

If torque is the end game that you have in mind, you should probably have to look no further than a diesel engine to get the job done as they have been known to perform quite efficiently within this metric.

This time, we check out 16 cylinders of Cummins power that cranks out about 2000hp straight out of the box. Conventional diesel logic tells us that this means this baby is probably making somewhere in the ballpark of 4000lb-ft of torque, if not more.

We aren’t sure exactly what this engine is going to be used for yet, but the possibilities are truly endless is this thing could move heaven and Earth if it really wanted to.

Check out the video below that shows off the Cummins at idle, teasing us about what kind of power it can really make. Once this thing is mounted, the insanity will be unleashed!

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