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Street Biker Dismisses An Arrest? Lets Him Go Just Like That….

When it comes to the videos of things that you see people doing on motorcycles, there is certainly no shortage of craziness happening out there in the world. Don’t get us wrong, the majority of bikers are level-headed folks but some people are really willing to go above and beyond in order to provide a  show in front of the camera and it can have some pretty crazy consequences. I think that it goes without saying that it’s a lot better to watch from this side of the camera than to actually participate in actions like this, however, sometimes, you really just can’t look away from some of the things that these folks have going on.

In this one, we get the watch such a bizarre incident and this one really kind of stands out from the rest and is one wild head scratcher. It all starts from the helmet-mounted camera of someone who’s riding along in what looks to be some sort of tunnel, when all of a sudden they come across a police officer who has a Nissan 350Z pulled over to the side the road. Now, instead of just proceeding, it appears as if this rider wants to get involved in the traffic stop in a way that might just make you wonder exactly what they were thinking.

If you follow down in the video below, you’ll be taken to the scene of the action as this individual decides to pull in between the police officer and the car that he just pulled over after telling the driver to take off. After sitting there for a couple of moments and letting the car get some distance between itself and the officer, the motorcycle rider speeds off into the night. You have to wonder exactly what some people are thinking because we’re pretty sure that after getting the tags here, the police officer is probably going to be able to track down the driver of that car.