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Street Outlaw Big Chief in the Crow Loses a DOOR vs Doc Street Beast at The Bristol 100k Race

Seemingly without warning, the shot callers at Discovery Channel decided to throw a race. The location didn’t make sense, the date didn’t make sense, and the apparent lack of planning didn’t make sense. However, when you have enough star power on the flyer, nothing has to make sense, as the $100,000-to-win event would prove.

Announced less than 2 weeks prior to the event, Discovery decided to throw a $100K to win race at Bristol, Tennessee’s Thunder Valley Dragway. With nearly all major no prep events taking place in the midwest and few scattered up and down the eastern seaboard, throwing one in the heart of the southeast just didn’t really make sense. Especially when you factor in the fact that they planned the race for a sweaty August Tuesday evening seemed like a terrible idea as far as fans showing up.

However, by the middle of the afternoon on Tuesday, the fans began pouring into the historic eastern Tennessee facility by the thousands.

In fact, so many fans showed up, paying $10 to park and no admission fee, that reports say as many as several thousand fans were turned away at the gate after selling out the 25,000 seats. Fans were crammed into the track, lining the fences several deep on both sides of the track, to see their favorite Street Outlaws and no prep stars duking it out for the $100,000 prize money. Two of the 405’s heaviest hitters would face off when Big Chief and Doc lined up in the Crow and the Street Beast lined up to do battle. After laying down a stellar burnout, Chief backed up and took the green light against Doc. It took only about 60’ for Chief to pull away and streak to the finish line 660 feet away while Doc appeared to have issues not long into the run. However, a bit drama would occur a second later when Chief’s passenger door removed itself quickly from the Crow, sliding to rest in the opposite lane.

A track worker cleared the door and exited with a great new souvenir. We have to assume Discovery Channel will be looking to do more events like this in the near future after having such an insane turnout for such a hastily-planned event on a Tennessee Tuesday night.