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Street Outlaws Big Chief vs Doc Street Beast at Outlaw Armageddon

Outlaw Armageddon at Thunder Valley Raceway Park is one of the biggest no prep events of the year. It is the only no prep race that brings out nearly all of the Street Outlaws from both shows and lines them up alongside the baddest of the bad from the no prep world to duke it out for over $250,000 in payouts. With so many of the OKC and New Orleans Street Outlaws stars on hand, they’re bound to cross each other’s paths, and that exactly what happened in Friday nights Big Tire shootout, when Big Chief and the new Crow and Doc with the Street Beast drew each other, much to the delight of the fans.

With the track itself being unprepared, it’s up to the driver and crew of each car to bring their own traction compound for the burnouts to lay down some sticky rubber. While many view this as a form of prep, since the compound burnouts do tend to build up cumulatively over the race and create a fairly sticky starting line, the track itself is not prepped, and beyond the first 150’ it gets slick, so that’s where driving and tuning come into play.

As you can see, Doc caught the light and left on Chief and appeared to be en route to the win when he lost traction and got completely sideways, forcing him to lift and let Chief squeak by, taking the win by just a fender.

This was one of the closest races of the night and required the finish line tape to be reviewed since the track timing system wasn’t being used. When the word came down that Big Chief took the win, the crowd erupted to show their support. We have to assume Doc’s fans were clapping as well, as he did a pretty masterful job of keeping his car off the wall when it came around on him, saving his car and possibly Chief’s as well. Look for these two to be duking it out on Season 10 of Street Outlaws as well, when Chief takes the new Crow and goes after that coveted crown.