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Street Outlaws Bobby Ducote Gender Reveal Will Put a Smile On Your Face!

Street Outlaws New Orleans star Bobby Ducote and his fiancé are expecting a child, and wanted a memorable way to let the world know if it’s going to be a boy or a girl. What better way to reveal your baby’s gender than by incorporating your badass Fox Body Mustang into the fun?

Bobby, who has a penchant for getting himself banned from Facebook, went live from his dad’s phone for the big reveal, opening with a quick introduction to let viewers know what’s going on. While he and his fiancé have known the gender for a while, he admits they didn’t really know a cool way to share the baby’s gender with his family and fans. His dad, known to the world simply as “Pops”, took over the phone and looked on as Bobby fired up his hotrod. As soon as the engine fired, huge clouds of baby powder filled the air on each side of the car, blown from the exhaust to reveal that they’re expecting a girl!

Pops seemed to expect Bobby to lay down a big smoky burnout or at least throw a few revs after the pink powder was blown out, but perhaps showing that he’s maturing a bit, Bobby simply clicked off the ignition and returned to grab the camera from his dad. He shares his thought on having a daughter and knowing what that means in a few years when the boys come knocking, having been one of those himself.

It’s great to see these guys sharing their lives with their fans, as it keeps everybody closer and more involved in the sport as well as helping show the real side of these guys that are often judged because of how they act or are made to look on television. It turns out, theres a lot more to them than what you see in that 40 or so minutes each week on Monday night. Congrats to Bobby and his family as they get closer to adding one more Lil Legend to the Ducote household.

Bobby Ducote an Magan Boleware gender revel on baby legend !!!!

Posted by Lil Legend "Bobby Ducote" on Tuesday, October 24, 2017

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