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Street Outlaws Chuck in the Death Trap vs Tony Bynes!

As he’s gotten the Death Trap running better and better, Chuck has taken on some pretty big races, perhaps none bigger than when he jumped into the grudge world with both feet by lining up with no-time legend Tony Bynes in his Camaro, known to all in the grudge world as Choppa.

The pair crossed paths at North Myrtle Beach Dragway and worked out a deal to race heads up to see who had the badder hotrod. After Chuck laid down a solid looking shakedown run, the pair pulled tot he line and laid down some fresh rubber with their half-track burnouts. At the drop of the tree, both cars launched hard and looked to be on a hell of a run when Bynes’ Camaro eased toward the center line. Tony tried to correct but the car kept pushing to the left, forcing him to lift and watch as Chuck pulled away to take the win.

Knowing Bynes’ reputation, he will not take this loss lightly, so expect a rematch between these two at some point, even if it means Tony has to load up and head west.