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Street Outlaws Chuck on big tires VS Kayla Morton in her Promod!

If going fast is the goal there are all kinds of ways to get there. It’s all up to you to decide which one is the most appealing and fits and the budget as well.

This time, we check in at North Star Dragway in Denton, TX on a no prep surface as Chuck’s big tire Death Trap Ford Mustang takes on the likes of Kayla Morton and her ProCharged big block Promod. Both of these cars are impressive and given the fact that the surface is unprepared, the race should be pretty even.

Both of the cars struggle to find traction but when they do it’s off to the races to see who can blast their way through the eighth mile finish line first. It’s really an entertaining race as the suspense builds when they venture down the track.

Check out the footage below from our buddies over at NXGonzo Videos that takes you inside of this intense racing situation. We feel like this one could have gone either way!


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