Street Outlaws Daddy Dave New Set Up Racing in Topeka Kansas

There’s something about those top billing drivers and their machines that you ...

There’s something about those top billing drivers and their machines that you can’t help but be entranced with as they go down the track time and time again. As these machines make their way down the racing surface to consistent passes that seem to get faster with every outing, you can’t help but wonder just how far the setups are going to be pushed. As every driver is definitely out there and making sure that their combination is the fastest that it can possibly be, you never know how quick it’s going to be the next time that it comes out as these guys have been known to really try to step it up with every race that they go to.

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In this one, we took on the latest and greatest from Daddy Dave and his familiar Chevrolet Nova that boasts a ProLine Racing 481X engine and a crank driven ProCharger F-3R-136 supercharger. If you haven’t gotten the chance to hear this thing in person, we can definitely attest to the fact that it absolutely screams and a video like this as captured by the TomEighty YouTube channel definitely goes a long way toward capturing the essence of the car that is a must see. If you’re going to put something on your bucket list, seeing Daddy Dave’s Goliath 2.0 might just be an item to consider.

If you follow along down in the video below, you’ll be able watch as Tom expertly captures the event in Topeka Kansas as Dave absolutely rockets down the lanes. After seeing a showing like this, you know that there’s absolutely no standing in the way of this car as Dave is always bound to have it on its toes and rolling with a head of steam. Even though you never know what’s going to come next, I think most would agree that where the car sits now is nothing short of incredible.

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