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Street Outlaws Daddy Dave VS Chuck @ Outlaw Armageddon

Last weekend was the third annual Outlaw Armageddon at Thunder Valley Raceway Park just outside Oklahoma City. Armageddon is one of the biggest no prep events of the year and brings out all of the cars you see on Street Outlaws as well as the biggest names from the no prep circuit.

With almost every car from Street Outlaws on hand to take their shot at the $40,000 payday in the All Star Invitational, they were bound to cross paths, and that happened in this clip from our buddy Aaron at NXGonzo Video. Aaron caught the second round race between Daddy Dave in Goliath and Chuck in the Death Trap. These two guys have say at the top of the list, with Chuck currently holding the crown as of the end of the last season. With a huge crowd on hand for the All Star shootout, Dave and Chuck rolled out their big smoky burnouts, laying down some nice fresh rubber to help their hotrods grab as much of the unprepped surface as possible when they dropped the hammer.

After backing up from their burnouts, the flagger pulled both cars up to the starting line and hit the light, sending them hurtling toward the finish line. From the starting line perspective, it’s almost impossible to tell who won, so we have to wait on the call to come from the finish line. After a few tense seconds, the call comes that Dave took the win, sending his crew into a celebration along with the fans in the stands. Chuck might be on top of the list, but on this day, he wasn’t quite ready for Dave and his ProCharged Nova.

Check back for more footage from the race, as well as tons of no prep content from races all over the midwest and elsewhere.