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Street Outlaws Deleted Scene – Game Plan for the Elco

The Elco has been a fixture on Street Outlaws since the show’s inception, and the current pilot, Kamikaze Chris, is looking to push it higher up the list than ever before.

Having been as high as #5 when Flip was the wheelman, Kamikaze is currently sitting at #6, right behind Derek in the Silver Unit. Kamikaze heads to Midwest Street Cars to discuss a plan of attack for moving on up the list, hopefully pushing it into the Top 5 eventually, a huge feat for a small tire, small block car. Chris mentions swapping to a blower instead of the current nitrous setup to help make the car quicker, but we don’t know if that change is ever made.

After that, Chief and Shawn head to Farmtruck’s shop, sharing some words of wisdom on the drive while discussing their plan to sit at #1 and 2 on the list.


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