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Street Outlaws Doc vs Monza on the Street! Badass Race

This season of Street Outlaws featured some of the closest races in the shows history, and we have one of them for you today! Despite a round of updates to his Street Beast Monte Carlo, Doc was still unable to take the crown from Shawn, so that opened him up to a callout from below, meaning Monza and his gorgeous Sinister Split Bumper Camaro would have a chance to climb to #2.

As always, these two nitrous-injected hotrods put on one hell of a show, staying welded door-to-door for the entire 1/8th mile. The race was so close that nobody knew who won, not even the guys driving the cars! The finish line cam determined that Doc did win by the smallest of margins, keeping him in the #2 spot behind Shawn.

Of course, knowing the race was decided by inches, Monza turned around and called Doc back out, but the rematch will have to be shared at another time, but rest assured it too will be decided by inches, as these friends never fail to give 100% when they’re racing each other.


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