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Street Outlaws DOC -vs- PRECIOUS for $$$$ – JJDaBoss Arm Drop Race

When Memphis kingpin JJ Da Boss came to the 405 for the season-ending shootout, he made a big splash by doing away with the flashlight start and going back to the often-controversial Armdrop style launch to start the races. The format was a big hit with the fans, so JJ decided to take the show on the road to Newport Dragway in Arkansas, where Urban Hillbilly’s camera crew was on hand to capture the action.

One of the more hyped races of the day was smack-talk queen Precious Cooper driving JJ’s slick little Chevy II known as The Heifer against Street Outlaws star Doc in his Street Beast Monte Carlo. After they lay down a little fresh rubber with their burnouts, JJ Da Boss pulls the cars up to the starting line, then drops back and gives them the arm drop motion. As soon as JJ’s arms hit his sides, the cars launch together and look to be on a great side-by-side run. However, shortly after they passed JJ, Doc’s Monte Carlo lost traction and slide the rear end way out, to the point he had no choice but to lift to preserve his car and his own safety.

In the other lane, Precious managed to keep the Heifer hooked up, at least well enough to make a full pass down the sketchy Newport surface, proving just how dialed in JJ’s cars are when it comes to iffy looking surfaces. From the on-car footage at the end, it looks like Precious overshoots the turn off and has to take to the grassy area in the shutdown to get back to the return road. She makes the turn through the grass and eased back toward the pits, bringing the win home for the Memphis crew over one of the 405’s most iconic personalities.