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Street Outlaws Dominator in OKC No Prep Racing!

Not too long ago, Street Outlaws star Dominator made the swap from a nitrous engine to a twin turbo powerplant, and last year he took his ’67 Dart to Outlaw Armageddon, where YouTuber tomeighty caught up with him.

The video opens with Dominator in the staging lanes, preparing to take on Gaylen Smith in the pro mod known as the Texas Bounter Hunter. The cars complete their burnouts then roll up to the starting line, where Street Outlaws costar Daddy Dave helps Dominator bump in just right. Unfortunately, Dominator’s day ends when Smith lays down a killer run and takes the win.

Tomeighty stopped by Dominator’s pit, where he caught a good look at the twin turbo setup that, thus far has been keep off the screen on the show. While he was no match for the Texas Bounty Hunter at this event, Dominator continues to hold down a spot on the baddest Top 10 list for street raced cars in the nation, so we think he’s okay with taking a loss to a full blown pro mod on the track.