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Street Outlaws Dominator Testing On The Streets of Memphis!

While we anxiously await the new season of Street Outlaws, the guys from the 405 are out making things happen to keep the show rolling. If you follow the show even casually, you know about the rivalry that has developed over the past couple of years with Memphis, a group headed by JJ Da Boss, the man behind the hugely popular arm drop format that we saw in last season’s finale.

We’ve watched Dominator, aka Joe, and his up and down journey with his car since season one, progressing from a middle-of-the-pack nitrous injected ride to a twin turbo beast that can run with any car on the list. With another night taking on the baddest rides from Memphis coming up, Dominator headed out with a few of the other guys to make sure his hotrod is lined out and ready to take on whoever he’s paired with from the 901 crew.

A big part of any race, especially one on the street, is the burnout. Dominator rolls up to the chosen burnout box, where some specially formulated traction compound has been poured, and lays down a beautiful smoky burnout, leaving two fresh strips of rubber to help maximize his chances of hooking hard and going straight. Joe then carefully backs up with Daddy Dave directing him and Monza lighting up the path so everybody can see where the car needs to be.

They get the car backed up, pointed straight down the road, and Joe brings the car up on the chip to build boost. Once the turbos are spooled, he released the transbrake and the power slams the rear tires hard into the pavement and sends the car screaming into the western Tennessee night. The car bit about as hard as a car can be expected to on the street, but as the boost built, the tires broke loose farther down the road. However, this is why these guys go out and test, so now they know where they can add more power to the tune and where they need to pull some out to keep the tires planted.