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Street Outlaws Dominator Twin Turbo Setup is One Lethal Combination!

It’s no secret that Dominator has been ironing out the bugs in his car for a while now, and it appears he’s getting closer to having it nailed down! Dominator made the swap from nitrous to turbos a couple of seasons ago and was plagued with issues from the word go, but with some help from the other guys on the show and knowledgeable fans on the internet we were able to instantly diagnose his issues from their living room (yes, that was sarcasm) he’s gotten the car quicker and more consistent as he slowly works out the issues.

Even this pass, which was a pretty decent hit, the car still experienced some tireshake that caused Dominator to have to lift out of the throttle to settle the car down, then jump back on the go pedal to complete the run. The car looks and sounds as quick as any other car on the show, though, and will hopefully stay that way for a while!


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