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Street Outlaws Dominator vs Twin Turbo Truck at Tucson Street Outlaws No prep

With the Street Outlaws being such a worldwide phenomenon, for other racers, no matter how experienced they might be, it could be a little bit intimidating to step up to the plate against one of these guys.  However, it’s important to remember that there is plenty of good competition out there that has nothing to do with the show. Even though these guys have some of the fastest cars around, there are lots of people out there who are looking to dethrone them. In fact, the guys who find themselves on Street Outlaws might even find that their status brings out a little bit more of the competitive nature amongst the competition.

This time, we check out the heck of a battle that definitely has the competitive juices flowing as Jason Cantu steps to the plate with his twin turbo Chevrolet S10 at the Tucson Street Outlaws Live No Prep. In the opposite lane, we have a vehicle that we know has been consistently tried and true as Dominator brings that bright purple Monte to the line after a nice and smoky burnout as the car screams through the burnout box and makes its presence felt, letting you know that this is definitely going to be a good one.

If you follow along down in the video below, you’ll be able to see just how this one pans out as the agile S10 goes up against the big bad Street Beast. As you try to grapple with no prep races, traction might be at a low which could make things all that much more interesting, as if you needed more incentive to see exactly how this one pans out. After laying your eyes on the action down below, be sure to tell us you think of how this matchup went down in between those concrete walls as both competitors gave it all that they had.