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Street Outlaws Farmtruck and AZN’s TV Show Airs Tonight On The Discovery Channel.

In a move that seems to have been a long time coming, some fan favorite Street Outlaws are finally getting their own TV show. Those who know Farmtruck and AZN best are incredibly familiar with their off-the-wall vibe. These guys take it upon themselves to put together all sorts of different contraptions focused on horsepower, all while keeping it light and fun.

Over the years, we have seen them produce everything from the one-of-a-kind Gonorail all the way to a four-door version of Murder Nova designed as a prank. How many other people do you know that would go out there and build an entire ride as a prank?

Really, this is just the beginning as we feel like these guys have nearly endless ideas. Apparently, Discovery Channel appreciates these ideas so much that they have decided team FNA is deserving of its very own show.

In the breaking news, we learned that STREET OUTLAWS: FARMTRUCK AND AZN will follow the dynamic duo as they’re able to dive deeper into these crazy plot points.

The series will premiere on Monday, August 3rd at 9pm ET/PT on Discovery. However, it won’t immediately roll into the rest of the show. Instead, the series should launch somewhere around the new year. It seems like COVID might be playing a role in the show not coming out right away.

While the original Street Outlaws concept has seen several spinoffs, this will be the first one that focuses exclusively on one team. It might also be the first that doesn’t carry racing as the main draw.

The Farmtruck and Azn SHOW!

Farmtruck and I are taking our builds to the next level!Watch the #StreetOutlaws: Farmtruck and AZN two-hour special event TONIGHT, August 3rd at 10/9 central on the #Discovery channel!#Farmtruckandazn #FNA

Posted by Farmtruck and AZN on Monday, August 3, 2020

Below, we check out the teaser for the pilot. In this teaser, Farmtruck and AZN are being their normal off-the-wall selves. In their endeavors, they can cross paths with a Zamboni. In an effort to make things more interesting, though, they want to turn this particular Zamboni into a hot rod!

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