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Street Outlaws Farmtruck and Azn On The Road – Antique Shopping

If you have kept a close eye on Farmtruck and AZN, you could definitely say that their tastes in everything from the objects that you see around their shop all the way down to the rides that they drive is very eclectic in the most accurate definition of the word. I bet that one whirl around their place would leave you looking in every which direction, not really sure what to set your focus on as you see all that their collection has to offer. Where is it, though, that they get all of these different and unique odds and ends from? Do they just simply pick them up as they go? This time, we’re going to dive into just that question to find ourselves an answer.

Ride along and check out the scene as the dynamic duo heads to an antique shop and we have to warn you that they aren’t coming light handed because they have their trailer ready to strap down anything that they find to be worthwhile. It’s fun to watch as the two man wrecking crew makes their way around the shop, finding all kinds of unique products, many of which you simply wouldn’t find around today. That’s what makes some of these finds so darn interesting because you’re able to get a unique look at what life might have been like a couple of decades ago.

Follow along in the video down below if you want to go antique shopping with Team FNA. To do something like this, you need to have an eye for exactly what it is that you’re looking for and I think that these two have that formula down to a science when they had through the front door of the antique shop. It would really be interesting to take a look at their entire collection that they have put together over the years of antique shopping to really get in the heads of Farmtruck and AZN’s favorite things!