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Street Outlaws Farmtruck And AZN Take the Farmbird For a Little Cruise

As part of the Mega Race cross-promotion between Street Outlaws and Fast n’ Loud, Farmtruck and AZN had to build a ride to go head to head with Aaron Kaufman in a multidiscipline competition to see who could build a versatile, competitive ride on a budget. As you know by now, Farmtruck and AZN took the win in a great competition with Aaron, who brought an LS-swapped BMW to take on the Farmbird.

Well just because the Mega Race is over doesn’t mean that the Farmbird is a thing of the past. The Farmtruck’s smaller, lighter, Firebird-ier little brother is still lurking around the Firehouse, poking its head our for an appearance now and then on the streets of the 405.

In case you’ve forgotten, the Farmbird is a 1976 Firebird with some special Farmtruck styling additions to make it fit in at the Firehouse, including the iconic campershell and, of course, a coat of Farmtruck orange paint. The car is powered by an old school 455 Pontiac engine with a little bit of nitrous to help with the get up and go, and US Wheels and Mickey Thompson tires to put the power to the ground.

The car just screams “Farmageddon”, with the cowbell on the back and the carburetor peeking through a hole in the hood that looks like it was made by slamming the hood over the engine’s induction, which is obviously a little taller than the factory Firebird hood.

Sit back and ride along with Farmtruck and AZN as they take the car out for a spin around the neighborhood. The car stands out for several reasons, not the least of which is the screaming open-header exhaust and the obvious Firebird-with-a-camper shell styling. You can see when Farmtruck hammers the throttle it sets he and AZN back in the seat, proving that potent Pontiac is nothing to take lightly.