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Street Outlaws Farmtruck Makes a Backwards Test Hit Down the Track!

If we’re talking racing in just about any capacity, it takes a ton of practice to make perfect. In fact, I think that most would agree with us when we say that no-prep racing can be the most unforgiving. It’s not hard to imagine why someone would want to really get their ducks in a row here. This time, we check out the scene as Farmtruck is trying to get a feel for things. The location is none other than Edinburg, Texas at Edinburg Motorsports Park.

As we have seen over and over again, even the most feared racers in the game still have to get out there and practice. If they want to keep that edge and stay towards the top, they absolutely have to get better all the time. Staying stagnant isn’t going to help out anybody if they’re looking to climb that ladder.

If you follow along in the video down below, you’ll catch up with an incredibly interesting test session. This particular format is one that could be a handful. You see, the race doesn’t even start from the starting line. Instead, the action is taken to the opposite end of the track. In order to maintain a true “no-prep” surface. In other words, the race is taken to a place where minimal to no rubber has been laid down. There also has never been any track prep applied to that end, obviously.

The National No Prep Racing Association takes us behind the scenes to watch as the orange-clad Chevrolet C10 stretches those legs. This might not be as satisfying as watching Farmtruck push around some competition. It is pretty interesting to see what he does with the crew to get ready to race. We could watch this thing go down the track for hours on end!