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Street Outlaws Fireball Camaro VS The 55 – Outlaw Armageddon 2017

One of the highlights of Outlaw Armageddon is always the High Roller’s Race, a gambler’s race of sorts where each entrant pays $2,000 and the winner takes it all home at the end of the day. With rain washing out all of Saturday’s festivities, the High Roller’s race this year was a little light on cars with only six entrants anteing up the entry fee. Of course, $12,000 is not exactly chump change, so these guys came out to try to take their best shot at winning the final race of the event.

In the first round, two of the best looking GM cars on the property had to face off when Chuck Parker and his gorgeous nitrous injected 1955 Chevy lined up with Ryan Martin in his twin turbo 2015 Camaro known as the Fireball. Both cars laid down a nice long smoky burnout to drag their traction compound to the starting line to help their big tires get all the bite possible when the flagger hit the light. However, none of that would matter in the end because Parker got a little antsy in the first round and jumped the light, handing the automatic win to Martin. Both cars did lay down pretty solid runs and it’s hard to say who would have won if they’d left together, but with The 55 jumping early, the race was over before it ever started.

Ryan would go on to win the High Roller race when Larry Larson’s thumb slipped off the transbrake button after the flagger stopped him on the starting line, handing that win to Martin too. Martin laid down a heck of a pass, but Larson, wanting to give the fans a show and send a message, backed up after Martin cleared the top end and laid down a pretty stellar run himself, announcing to all on the property that things might have gone differently if he hadn’t slipped off the button. However it was Martin’s win and he and his crew celebrated back in the pits for quite a while after the race was over.