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Street Outlaws Kamikaze Chris vs Moe’s “Copper Camel” Rematch 2017

When it comes down to grudge racing, there’s always an air of competition when a couple of cars roll up to the line and get ready to go at one another, laying it all out there and leaving the best of their abilities on the track. There’s just something about drag racing in general that makes the hair on your neck stand up with that instant gratification of having a winner and a loser after just a couple of seconds. When you have to heavy hitting cars like this winding up to go to battle, that action gets even better. You know that neither of these guys want to go home with a loss and they’re going to throw down as much power as they can to prevent that from happening.

In this one, we tune in to watch as Street Outlaws Kamikaze Chris goes head-to-head with Moe behind the wheel of the Copper Camel Ford Mustang. In 2016, it just so happened that Moe would go home with a victory and this year, the pair is lining up again to see what happens in 2017! Perhaps the best part of matchups like these is anything can happen on any given race when cars are this close. One misstep by either driver could mean victory for the other.

Ride along in the video down below from the guys over at the National No Prep Racing Association as they’re on location to capture the magic as this pair of superheroes squares off against one another on the track. Who is going home with the victory in this one and the bragging rights to go along with it? Well, I think that you’re probably going to have to just tune in down below to see that one for yourself. We wouldn’t want to spoil the action for you, after all.