STREET OUTLAWS – Kamikaze’s New Twin Turbo Setup on the Elco!

We got our first glimpse of Kamikaze Chris’ shiny new turbo setup at the PRI Show ...

We got our first glimpse of Kamikaze Chris’ shiny new turbo setup at the PRI Show back in December. Chris talked about the new combo, but we have this video now with a few more details about what’s going on under the car’s hood.

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As you can see, the car has a great looking turbo setup installed that sort of frame the Fast Times Motorworks-built engine. Chris doesn’t reveal the exact displacement of the engine, narrowing it down to “somewhere around 540-550 cubic inches”, which should give him plenty of top end without being too rowdy down low.

Force feeding the engine a healthy dose of compressed air will be the two 94 mm Gen II Pro Mod turbochargers with billet wheels that should give the car the capability to make around 3,000 horsepower and Kamikaze will have all kinds of electronic gadgets to keep the power in check on tricky surfaces, then bring it all in when traction allows.

There’s little doubt the car will end up being considerably faster, but the learning curve for transitioning from a nitrous combo to a turbo setup is steep. Not only will tuning it be a completely different ballgame, but driving will be a whole new experience as well. However, Kamikaze has proven he’s capable of wrangling the beast when it was on spray, and once he has made a few hits in the car, he should be able to pick up all the nuances that a turbo car requires. As far as the tuning goes, what Chris can’t handle himself, he has a braintrust of companions to help him get it sorted out and laying down some killer runs in no time.

I’m not sure when the car will debut on the show in its current form, but it should be sometime within the next season or 2, so keep an eye out for the boosted Elco putting in work on the streets of the 405.

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