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Street Outlaws: Live Bidding For Signed Wheel From “The Elco” Soars!

One of the awesome things about the online auction site, eBay, is that we never really know what we might find. For all sorts of collectors, the site is a haven to come across all sorts of different collectibles that could really spice up their own personal collection.

This time, we check in with an item that might be one of the coolest things that a drag racing enthusiast could add to their own personal collection right now.

In addition to being a big part of Street Outlaws history and having a place on the show, this particular item is helping out a good dude to get behind the wheel once again after an accident that was not only mentally taxing but also an emotional drain as well. The car in question had huge sentimental value behind it and if you remember the old days of Street Outlaws and the late, great Flip, you know why.

For those who watched the most recent episode of the show, they watched as “The Elco” which has lived on eventually would meet a brutal fate. The man behind the wheel, Kamikaze Chris, does plan on reviving the car but it’s going to take a ton of work and a massive cash infusion.

The ad reads “The episode of Street Outlaws that aired on Feb 15th 2021 was one of the hardest moments that we all had to relive. We watched this wreck happen in person and now we watched it again on TV. In situations like these we always look for the silver lining, and in this case it is that our good friend and fellow Outlaw Chris was able to walk away to race another day. The Elco made sure of it.

As most of you know, “The Elco” aka ‘The “S1ut,” was a huge part of the beginning of Street Outlaws and some can say it was the beginning. The ELCO held copious amounts of history and memories. We do not know what the future holds for this car but we do know that we want Kamikaze back on the Streets right next to us as soon as possible.

This listing is here to help our friend Kamikaze Chris get behind the wheel of a racecar again. The winner of the auction will receive one of the Elco’s front Weld wheels with the MT tire on it, signed by Kamikaze himself. Here is your chance to own a HUGE piece of Street Outlaws history and a chance to support a Street Outlaw.

This item will not have a reserve so give what ya can and let’s get this man back in the seat when he’s ready to.”

The bid kicked off at $5. As of the writing of this article, the autographed piece has brought over $10,000 in bids so far. There have been over 100 total bids placed which leads us to believe that there’s enough interest to drive the price even higher!

Want to get in on the bidding? Check out the auction here.


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