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Street Outlaws Monza VS Keith Szabo Redemption 6.0

When it comes to no prep action out there on the track, we have seen some incredible matchups and even more incredible scenarios as a pair of drivers dig down deep to gather everything that they have on their surge to make it to the front of the pack.

In this matchup, we watch as a variety of factors go head to head on the no prep surface at the Redemption 6.0 event putting big tire up against small tire and twin turbos up against nitrous. This combination should prove to be an interesting matchup.

We watch as Monza in his Chevrolet Camaro goes head to head with Keith Szabo in his Ford Mustang as they put it on the line out on the track as they both make their blitz toward the finish line. This one ends up being a side-by-side battle all the way to the finish and all of the action is captured by NXGonzo Video!