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Street Outlaws NOLA Bobby Ducote In “Lil Legend” | 2017 NMRA World Finals (4K) LAST NIGHT

Street Outlaws New Orleans star Bobby Ducote has had an eventful 2017 in his gorgeous blue fox body Mustang hatchback. He’s been on the road often, making the rounds throughout the country, and even when his car has been down, he’s been behind the wheel of other rides whenever possible to honor his obligations to make appearances and put on a show for the fans.

Last weekend, Bobby and crew rolled out to the NMRA World Finals in Bowling Green, Kentucky. For those who aren’t familiar with the NMRA, it’s the National Mustang Racers Association, a series built on the popularity of Ford’s legendary platform. From top to bottom, the show is full of Fords, and while it’s not limited to the Mustang body, it is an all-Ford show and there are tons of them to go around and a huge crowd that comes out to support them.

Ducote, obviously right at home in his blue oval, came out to make some hits in front of the fans at the sanctioning body’s season finale at the legendary Beech Bend Raceway. It certainly looks like the track was up to the task, as Bobby’s car left hard and looked to be tracking nice and straight through the 1/8th mile. With nobody beside him, you can hear the pitch of Ducote’s engine change as the nitrous comes in just after the launch. That’s to ensure the tires bite at the line, then as soon as the car is rolling, they throw all it can handle at it and send it on toward the finish line.

After struggling a bit to keep the car stuck to the track earlier in the season, an issue which led to a couple of minor on-track mishaps, it looks like Bobby may have the chassis biting hard and keeping those small rear tires planted. If so, put the small tire world on notice, because we all know Ducote has the power to outrun even some respectable big tire cars!