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Street Outlaws Sinister Split Bumper Monza vs Derek Silver Unit

If you have followed along with the high-profile drag racing content that we have posted here on Speed Society, you might have some idea of how fond we are of races when big names clash together to see which driver and car combination is truly better during that given pass.

This time, it’s a couple of Chevrolet Camaro icons that are battling it out in the eighth mile as Derek AKA “Silver Unit” takes his third generation car to the task against’s Monza, another Street Outlaws heavyweight that has been known for wielding his spotless second generation Camaro.

The race gets off to a slow start as it appears as if Monza had some issues getting out of the hole and the Silver Unit had an issue as well. However, before long both of the drivers find themselves in a spot to win and it’s an all-out power fest to finish line.

Check out the video below for yourself that takes you inside of the action and sits you trackside to see exactly how everything goes down.


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