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Street Outlaws Star Murder Nova and Chief’s Shop has been SHOT UP! HELP FIND HIM!

Street Outlaws Star Murder Nova (Shawn’s) Shop has been SHOT UP! HELP FIND HIM!

It’s pretty unfortunate that when somebody blows up and has their own fair share of hard earned success, there’s always somebody there to try and drag them down. This time, the level of attack is escalated to an all new high.

If you haven’t heard yet, Midwest Streetcars was recently the victim of a few semi-automatic bullet holes as somebody decided to roll up on their shop while the doors were closed and shoot the place up, leaving a huge mess and tons of damage and surprisingly taking nothing with them. As if that wasn’t enough, shortly after the perp headed over to Shawn’s (Murder Nova) personal residence looking for more.


We got the chance to hop on the phone with Shawn and he tells us that he was alerted by a doorbell on his front gate which made him spring to action. After making sure it wasn’t his son coming in, he went out the garage door, which you can see as the light at the top right of your screen goes on, in the video below, at which point the armed suspect was found standing by Shawn’s truck and ran away to either hide momentarily or take off all together off as Shawn gave chase and tried to find him.


Right now, we’re in the process of trying to figure out who was behind these heinous actions and Midwest is offering up a $5000 reward to anybody who can offer the tip that could lead to the apprehension of the criminal behind it all.

Even though it’s not right by any means, attacking a place of business is one thing, but going to a place where somebody’s family resides is on a whole new level of unacceptable. Shawn tells us that he’s not even that mad, but just really wants to know why somebody would be provoked to carry out such a plan in the first place.


Check out the video surveillance footage below from Shawn’s personal shop outside of his house that shows the suspect walking past, not even acknowledging the shop as he goes straight for the house which was when Shawn came outside.

We aren’t really sure what type of person would even think  to do something like this. If you know anything at all that might help in bringing justice to the situation, Contact Midwest Streetcars via Facebook message directly. Hopefully, they can get the footing that they need to bring this case to a close.


How did this Ford end up going into the drink below? Someone has some explaining to do.